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This is a modern acupuncture method of identifying painful myofascial trigger points in the muscles and fascia that can be associated with a variety of pain conditions. Treatment directly targets the pain areas and in combination with stretches and exercise can be a very effective method of pain management.


Acupuncture was developed in China at least 2000 years ago as part of a health system that emphasised harmony with nature. It is a holistic approach that recognises that all aspects of your health and lifestyle influence your physical and mental well being as an individual and within society. Diagnosis includes traditional examinations as well as your personal history and symptoms and can help patients understand the role that lifestyle and a relationship with nature can have upon personal health and well being.


This is a contemporary western approach to acupuncture, where treatments are based on western medical diagnoses. Research has provided scientific explanations for the effects of acupuncture, with reference to the specific effects of needles in the skin, deeper tissues, nervous system and mind. Medical Acupuncture applies these principles and also uses traditional acupuncture points, sometimes with electrical stimulation.

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